viesin1Radviliškis district municipality educational and sport service centre and the partner from the Kingdom of Norway (Norwegian national youth club organization “Ungdom&Friti”) is accomplishing the project “The development and modernization of Open youth centre in Radviliškis district municipality“. The project is financed by European economic area financial work programme “Risk group children and youth”. The financial support is 201 183,68 euros. The input of Radviliškis district municipality–22 353,86 euros.

One of the basic works, i.e. the repairs of present and newly established Open youth centres is already completed. Open youth centres in Radviliškis and Šeduva are repaired, new furniture, equipment and work devices are purchased. The studios of robotics, music and art are established in Radviliškis. Youth can find self-realization in different activities and have safe leisure.

The staff of Radviliškis district municipality educational and sport service centre Open youth centres help youth individually and in groups, provide service of prevention, conveyance, consulting, leisure, education of a young person, development of social and life skills, etc. A special attention is paid to unmotivated ones or those who have fewer opportunities to join activities. Co-operation with organizations working with children and youth is being developed. Thus, social, psychological and other problems of youth leisure and delinquency, integration into the society are discussed. Five interdepartmental cooperative meetings were organised in the period of the project accomplishment: “The perspectives of leisure activities in Radviliškis district”, “Be a citizen! Be a volunteer!”, “Factors inspiring volunteering” etc. The participants of the meetings discussed what means of leisure is the most useful for the youth in our district, how to enable the youth act and join volunteering, how to develop their public spirit, the problems of drug abuse and a negative attitude towards this problem.

In 2015, the staff of Open youth centres had an opportunity to meet youth experts from Norway in Kupiškis to know the youth policy and the history of the establishment of youth centres in Norway. The experts shared practical advices how to establish youth centres and use areas for youth activities. The staff of Radviliškis district municipality educational and sport service centre visited Norway and met the members of Norwegian national youth organization “Ungdom&Friti” and other youth organizations. They shared good experience for the work with youth and learnt new methods.

The youth who attend Open youth centres find new friends and activities, youth workers help find themselves. The conception of Open youth centres emphasizes that youth is not supposed to attach to the existing activities. They are supposed to have their own suggestions for possible activities and ways how to create a safe area for young people with low self-realisation. Youth workers help them create conditions for self-expression, innovations and the development of social competence.

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